Monday, 17 October 2011

Hair today.. long tomorrow.

Hello there,

This post should really be called "Hair today, same bloody length tomorrow", for the past 3 years or so my hair has just refused to grow. I did bleach my hair which can cause it to have difficulty growing but over the last year I have been phasing out my blondeness (much to the benefit of my wallet) and taking much better care of my barnet, and still it is just hanging out on my shoulders. 
I had begun to think that I was destined to have this length hair forever, and so began to buy clip in extensions and had even considered forking out for bonded ones. I've always wanted long hair, really just so I could swish it about and so was quite upset when my locks just decided not to grow. 
When I was about 12 years old I had nice long hair which I stupidly cut to a bob and bleached, and it's never been the same again (cue sad music). I've been trying for such a long time to grow out my hair and had resorted to trying "hair growth tablets", eating specific foods, even rinsing my hair with tea! Alas, nothing helped, so imagine my joy when I read of a miracle hair product which promoted hair growth.
I read an awful lot about Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment before I purchased it, it did make some bold claims and talked a lot of nonsense about fertilising the earth but I was so desperate to get long hair I was about to try anything. 
I have been using the grow treatment, which is a cream which you massage into your hair in between shampoo and conditioner, for about a month now and I have to say I haven't noticed any dramatic differences in growth. I have however noticed that my hair had been getting greasy so much quicker, which tends to suggest that the natural oils in my hair are working overtime, this makes me wonder whether this treatment is stripping out too much from my natural hair rather than putting things in. That aside, I have noticed my hair seems a lot softer and more manageable, which for £7.99 a pop I would expect.
My hair has been getting slightly longer but seems to have stalled in its growth, I can't be sure as to whether this growth is because I have been using this treatment, or because I have stopped bleaching and using heat on my hair.
All this being said I will be buying this product again as I believe it helps my hair absorb conditioner better and I am still holding out the hope that one morning I will wake up with waist length hair. I can't confirm that this products  "works" but it does make you step up and take much better care of your hair which all in all is a good thing.

Lots of love
Frank x