Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Better in beige

Hello there,

This is only my second nail post which I can barely believe as I change my nail varnish so regularly. This nail look is one I believe sums me up perfectly, beige. People that know me, know that my wardrobe is a symphony in beige and I am completely unashamed at this, "beige is cool".
So when I came across "Threadbare" nail varnish in Topshop I instantly fell in love, true this is more of a "greige" (grey/beige) but I still think its gorgeous. I think this colour is effortless and chic and more importantly requires no thought putting it on as it goes with everything.

As much as I love neutrals I thought I might pep up this nail look by adding spots.. obviously. I used Ciate - After Dark which is a gorgeous deep purple that is almost duochrome and has a lovely warm gold tone to it. I used the back of a hair grip (bobby pin) to create the spots and have only dotted them on my ring finger.

The trend of having your ring finger a different colour or pattern to the rest of your hand is one that I am a little late too and I have to say I can't really understand why you'd do it. But for this particular look I think it works really well.

Peace, love and lipgloss
Frank x