Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Better in beige

Hello there,

This is only my second nail post which I can barely believe as I change my nail varnish so regularly. This nail look is one I believe sums me up perfectly, beige. People that know me, know that my wardrobe is a symphony in beige and I am completely unashamed at this, "beige is cool".
So when I came across "Threadbare" nail varnish in Topshop I instantly fell in love, true this is more of a "greige" (grey/beige) but I still think its gorgeous. I think this colour is effortless and chic and more importantly requires no thought putting it on as it goes with everything.

As much as I love neutrals I thought I might pep up this nail look by adding spots.. obviously. I used Ciate - After Dark which is a gorgeous deep purple that is almost duochrome and has a lovely warm gold tone to it. I used the back of a hair grip (bobby pin) to create the spots and have only dotted them on my ring finger.

The trend of having your ring finger a different colour or pattern to the rest of your hand is one that I am a little late too and I have to say I can't really understand why you'd do it. But for this particular look I think it works really well.

Peace, love and lipgloss
Frank x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hair today.. long tomorrow.

Hello there,

This post should really be called "Hair today, same bloody length tomorrow", for the past 3 years or so my hair has just refused to grow. I did bleach my hair which can cause it to have difficulty growing but over the last year I have been phasing out my blondeness (much to the benefit of my wallet) and taking much better care of my barnet, and still it is just hanging out on my shoulders. 
I had begun to think that I was destined to have this length hair forever, and so began to buy clip in extensions and had even considered forking out for bonded ones. I've always wanted long hair, really just so I could swish it about and so was quite upset when my locks just decided not to grow. 
When I was about 12 years old I had nice long hair which I stupidly cut to a bob and bleached, and it's never been the same again (cue sad music). I've been trying for such a long time to grow out my hair and had resorted to trying "hair growth tablets", eating specific foods, even rinsing my hair with tea! Alas, nothing helped, so imagine my joy when I read of a miracle hair product which promoted hair growth.
I read an awful lot about Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment before I purchased it, it did make some bold claims and talked a lot of nonsense about fertilising the earth but I was so desperate to get long hair I was about to try anything. 
I have been using the grow treatment, which is a cream which you massage into your hair in between shampoo and conditioner, for about a month now and I have to say I haven't noticed any dramatic differences in growth. I have however noticed that my hair had been getting greasy so much quicker, which tends to suggest that the natural oils in my hair are working overtime, this makes me wonder whether this treatment is stripping out too much from my natural hair rather than putting things in. That aside, I have noticed my hair seems a lot softer and more manageable, which for £7.99 a pop I would expect.
My hair has been getting slightly longer but seems to have stalled in its growth, I can't be sure as to whether this growth is because I have been using this treatment, or because I have stopped bleaching and using heat on my hair.
All this being said I will be buying this product again as I believe it helps my hair absorb conditioner better and I am still holding out the hope that one morning I will wake up with waist length hair. I can't confirm that this products  "works" but it does make you step up and take much better care of your hair which all in all is a good thing.

Lots of love
Frank x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Hello there,

As you may have guessed by the title this is not going to be you average blog post. I hope this doesn't put you off reading my blog, but I understand that mental health issues are not something that every one is comfortable talking about or reading about. If you hadn't twigged by now I have bipolar, and I thought I would share with you my experience and how it effects my day to day life. 
It seems recently that every man and his dog have been being diagnosed with bipolar (which in case you didn't know is mental health disorder which causes your mood to fluctuate between extreme depression and really "high" manic periods) and so it is becoming almost a common phrase and in my opinion it is not being represented fairly. I'm going to say now something which may cause some suffers to get quite cross but hear me out, bipolar disorder is a terrible illness which effects people very differently and is a daily concern, however I do think some suffers let it take over them and almost "blame" bipolar for ruining parts of their life. 
I think it's probably time now that I talked a little about myself and my experiences, I am not going to go into every minute detail as some things are really quite personal. Right, lets get into it, I began to notice I was feeling different things to my friends at the age of about 12, there didn't seem to be any really obvious idea as to why I was feeling as miserable as I was I just felt lost and angry. I hadn't had your stereotypical childhood, but there were no real "traumas" that could have "triggered" this depression (I'm calling it depression as that is what it was diagnosed as at a later date). As I progressed further into my teens I went through CAMS which is the children mental health service in the UK and really had an awful experience with it. Basically, they were shit! There was far too much focus of things that had happened in my childhood and no one seemed to listen to me about the fact that I was noticing that these periods of sadness would last for a very long time and then I just seem to go to that opposite extreme. For a while the Dr seemed to put it down to "teenage hormones", now if any one that is a teenager now I completely understand how frustrating it is when feelings you know aren't normal are described as "teenage hormones". If we move on a little bit to when I was about 16, this is really when things started to become out of control for me. I lost huge amounts of weight and my self confidence was at an all time low, I contemplated suicide almost daily and actually tried to commit suicide (badly I might add) a number of times because I was just desperate to feel nothing as I was being to understand that I wasn't going to feel "normal". As you may have guessed this put a huge strain on all my relationships, I wanted to be left alone but at the same time I craved attention because I just wanted to feel needed, it was a pretty rough time for every one close to me. Things hit an all time low when I was hospitalised, I was admitted to the Priory for treatment. For anyone reading this who is in a difficult place, try your hardest to talk to people and not shut yourself off so you don't end up becoming an inpatient as it is horrible. I was lucky enough to be in a private hospital so I had my own room, but during the day I was surrounded by incredibly troubled young people who I had no choice than to try and be friends with as I was away from everyone I knew. As odd as it sounds I did find some comfort in the girls who were in the hospital the same time as me as I knew they understood part of what I was feeling. Anywhoo I'll move on, Dr's in the Priory took note of the fact that my moods seemed to change dramatically and tried to tailor my treatment to deal with the depressive side, but at that time it was the mania (high periods) which I was finding the most scary because as sad as it sounds, I had become used to feeling depressed. I left the Priory just before my 17 birthday and tried to integrate back into sixth form, this did not go well. To begin with I had to deal with the fact that it was now common knowledge that I had mental issues and so to teenagers "psycho" and also many people thought I was a drug addict and told me to "go back to rehab". I am however not blaming my difficulties at school completely on other people, when I came out of the Priory there were a number of incredibly personal and heartbreaking issues that happened which seemed to trigger a complete manic period, one like I have never known. I am going to copy and paste some "symptoms" I have found which explains some of the things you experience in manic stage:
  • Easily distracted
  • Little need for sleep
  • Poor judgment
  • Poor temper control
  • Reckless behavior and lack of self control
    • Binge eating, drinking, and/or drug use
    • Poor judgment
    • Sex with many partners (promiscuity)
    • Spending sprees
  • Very elevated mood
    • Excess activity (hyperactivity)
    • Increased energy
    • Racing thoughts
    • Talking a lot
    • Very high self-esteem (false beliefs about self or abilities)
  • Very involved in activities
  • Very upset (agitated or irritated)

    Poor judgement was something that really plagued me at school, at this time I was so fed up of being the odd one out (because up until then I had some of the most amazing friends), that I lived in my own world completely. In this world I was normal and just trying to carry on with school and everyone else was different and had the most exotic and scandalous lives. I lived in a blur and was not certain what was real and what was fantasy. Basically, I was living up to my psycho nick name, and it was impossible for people to understand that it wasn't just me being a dick, I was almost drowning in my own illness. It was a horrendous time, where I didn't recognise myself and my family didn't know what to do with me.
    After trying for some time, my parents and I believed it would be best if I left school. This was a difficult decision as I have always been fairly good at school and received excellent grades, in my final year at school I performed really poorly in my AS levels and decided to cut my losses and leave with out A levels.
    In the following year the Dr really started to take my seriously and I was now old enough to access the adult mental health team in my local area. After just one meeting with them, the term Bipolar was being thrown around and I was adamant that I didn't have it. By this time I had lost all faith in myself and hated what I had become and I was certain that I was just born crazy, my plan for my life which used to be career, family, happily forever after and the sunset, was now unemployment, mental health institutions and ill health, being alone (dropping down to such a tiny weight had caused some problems with my health and had almost ruined parts of my old life plan) and finally and early death.
    I spent the majority of a year just sat on the sofa or in my bed just staring at my life going by. Miraculously during this time I met my now boyfriend who was at uni, and seeing his success and extreme normality sort gave me a kick up the arse and I knew I had to complete my A levels from home. 
    If we return back to the Dr, just after the first meeting with the mental health team the Dr decided to try me on some different medication. For those with bipolar taking anti depressants can actually make symptoms worse and I had been on a cocktail of anti depressants since the age of 16, almost as soon as I was off the anti depressants I started feeling better or at least more in control.
    I think the feeling of being out of control is the scariest part of bipolar, it's almost as if someone else is in charge of how you feel that day and there is nothing you can do to change it.
    If we fast forward in time, I completed my A levels from home and some how managed to get all A's, I had a stable boyfriend who seemed not to care that I was this loony and I was a part time nanny to earn a bit of money.
    I was seeing a mental health profession regularly, and although I think talking therapies are a bunch of balls, if I hadn't been to seem them I never would have been diagnosed with bipolar and would not have received the right medication.
    Now onto grown up stuff, it is ridiculous that people think bipolar sufferers aren't able to work, yes it is difficult because you feel constantly tired ( bipolar meds are normally taken at night because the make you so sleepy and really no use to anyone, and you are constantly either climbing the walls being manic, or weeping into your cereal being depressed... exhausting!). It is because of this tiredness that I think a part time job is ideal and I was able to get a job and work extremely hard at it and enjoy it.
    I'm using the past tense as I have since had to give it up due to physical health problems (nothing to do with bipolar).
    I honestly believe that I will be able to live as normal a life as anyone, even though I suffer with something hard, everyone deals with things and none are more important that others. Yes I sometimes have really extreme moments where I revert back to how I was when I was 16 but it's 4 years on now and they are much less frequent. It does effect me daily and it is a constant up hill battle, but I have come to terms with this and am able to deal with it almost independently.
    To any bipolar sufferers out there I know it's difficult and makes you want to give up, and I know how much you want to punch people when they say "life is a roller coaster"...well duh (Ronan Keating I HATE YOU). People are sometimes scared of mental health but as long as you accept that you are always going to be different it becomes much easier to deal with. Being different does not mean anything bad! It just means that you exceptionally un-average, which is a far more exciting place to be.
    It is super hard for people to grasp how intense the hold is that it has over your life, but you can not let it ruin you. I think bipolar chooses people who are strong enough to cope with it. As harsh as it sounds, I get quite cross with people who pin all their troubles on having bipolar and yes I do completely understand that it effects people differently and in different ways, but the constant thing with bipolar is that it is never constant! So you can never be stuck in a rut because the next day/week/month you will feel completely different.
    Surround yourself with people that are willing to help and love you regardless (your family is a good place to start... they don't have a choice), don't get upset that some people wont understand and will leave your life.
    I am very grateful for people in my life now, and for those of you who have left (mainly school friends) I apologise for how I was but no one is perfect yo!
    Any way that's all sorry for it being long and rambley and probably doesn't make much sense, I just thought I should get it out there and hopefully it will clear things up for some people.
    I am not angry or upset that I'm stuck with this illness ( as really that's all it is an illness, something that can be treated), and really normal is BORING.

    Peace out

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Autumn/Fall Wishlist

Hello there,
As we start a new season it's time again for my wishlist for the coming colder months. Unfortunately for my bank balance this wishlist is MUCH longer than the last one. Anywhoooo, I hope you will all enjoy having a browse of what I'm loving this season.

From Topshop:

 From River Island:

From New Look:

 From H&M:

 From ASOS:

I best get saving my pennies
Lots of love
Frank x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

Hello there,

By now you must be feeling really neglected as I have written a post in forever, and unfortunately this isn't a proper blog post.
I really am sorry that I'm in such a blogging funk but I promise I will be back soon.
This post is really a desperate plea to any people still reading this blog to vote for me in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011, it might just help me get my mojo back.
All you need to do is head to www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogawards2011 and fill in the nomination form and under the section it says blog URL pop in www.tobefrankie.blogspot.com.
It really would mean a lot to even get a few nominations.
Lots of love and I will be back soon.
lots of love
Frank x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hello Love!

Hello there,

As you can see there has been a distinct lack of pictures added for my foxy locks hair extensions and the reason for this is really that I'm lazy! I have nothing of interest to report and sadly for me no new beauty discoveries to write about. The month of July has been thoroughly dull and full of Dr's appointments and horrible things. I have spent the majority of this month watching Disney films and cuddling my beloved Lolly (who is beginning to look slightly more streamlined) and wishing I was feeling better. Morbid! Speaking of Disney films I love them all and could sit here and write about Disney until the end of time but I fear that only I would read it.
Any way the hope for this week is that the weather will pick up and I will be able to do fun things like see friends and walk Lolly and wear summer clothes, if any pictures are taken I shall upload them.
The purpose of this post is non existent I just wanted to prove I hadn't forgotten you and that as soon as I have something even slightly interesting to post about I will.
Same goes for the youtube videos, there is no point posting endless vids of me in my pj's with unbrushed hair and spotty skin. YUCK!
I'm hoping things will begin to improve soon and I can get going with life again.
For all of you that have been lucky enough to have summer holidays this year, I hate you!

Grumpy Frank out

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

Hello there,

This post isn't really a proper blog post it's sort of a pre blog post... sort of. It will eventually be a proper blog post with pictures and possibly a video but as of this moment I am sat in my pj's with my hair greasy and up in a bun so can't do these beautiful hair extensions justice by attaching them to my awful hair. As you may know I spend most of my time in the dark, trawling through youtube videos and pretending I have friends, well I stumbled across the "foxylocks" channel and was amazed! Imogen of "Foxy Locks Hair Extensions" has made a beautiful channel dedicated to her gorgeous clip in hair extensions that are 100% remy grade human hair (for those who don't know, what remy means is that the root and the end of the hair are all in the same direction so it should prevent snagging and tangles). I have been willing my hair to grown for about 4 years now and so far it's just past my shoulders (stupid hair!), so hair extensions are a must for me. I considered for some time getting the bonded hair extensions, but they are crazy expensive and I've had a pretty bad experience with them before so these clip ins are clearly they only logical choice (I mean I could just wait for my hair to grow, but that's just boring).
SO I hopped on the internet and bought 160g of beautiful "caramel blonde", they arrived so quickly and are just gorgeous!!
The clips are such good quality and just don't budge when in your hair, they have a silicon strip so they don't hurt your natural hair. The hair itself is thicker than my natural hair and is so soft, that I really want to wear it at all times.
I would say it's worth getting the 160g even if you have fine hair because it really isn't that much more money and you get so much hair.
Anyway there will be some pictures and possibly a video to follow.
All in all I am over the moon about these extensions and I think every one should by them.

lots of love
Frank x
P.s Imogen (the foxy locks lady) is gorgeous (small girly scream followed by blushing).

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Sanctuary Spa Skin Care

Hello there,

I have suffered with bad skin for years now, it's never been full blown acne everywhere, but I had a lot of spots and black heads and just yucky skin. For quite some time it's been something I've been incredibly self conscious about and as a result have covered myself in thick makeup to try and cover my imperfections, which in turn just made it worse. Along with having quite bad skin, I'm also pretty lazy when it comes to skin care and carrying out about a thousand different steps every day to combat my skin was just out of the question. Saying that though I have tried and spent lots of money on hundreds of products to try and help my skin, but really I've never stuck them out long enough to see any real benefits.
Well a couple of months ago now I decided to visit one of The Sanctuary Spa counters in Debenhams and asked for help. I was fortunate enough that they gave me a  mini facial so they could have a look at my skin more closely and decide what products would be best, after a gorgeous facial where they demonstrated some of their products I bought a range from them. (For those of you who watched my 'April Favourites' youtube video you can see the range there).
I got these products:

Now I realise this seems like a lot of things for someone who can't really be bothered to wash her face, well I kind of got carried away, but I'm so glad I did. One thing I really find annoying is the whole motion of washing my face, mainly because I end up soaking myself and the floor and then my bathroom because a slidey death trap for the rest of the day, but that purifying wash (which I'm proud to say I have used twice a day every day since I bought it) basically doesn't require that much water. You squeeze a little out onto your hands then splash some warm water onto the gel, and then obviously rub it all over your face (it even takes off your mascara without hurting your precious peepers). I use the gel wash, the toner (which I just spray onto my face) and the lotion daily, the exfoliator twice or three times a week and the mask once a week (usually in the bath, I promise I do bathe slightly more regularly than once a week).
One thing I really liked is how quickly it began to make a difference to my skin, in just over a week my skin was noticeably better!
I would highly recommend this range, especially the lotion as it also works as a perfect base for makeup.
Hope you found this helpful and to any of you with bad skin out there, just keep trying new things and don't always get stuck using products "designed for acne prone skin" you can use other types too.

lots of love
Frank x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Lolly's Bikini Body

Hello there,

This week in England it's hard to believe that it is June, the weather has been end of the worldish and everyone has taken to dreaming of sunny days and lounging by the pool. I've even caught Lolly relaxing in the rare spots of sunshine on her back, eye's closed in complete bliss (really all she needed was sunglasses and a colourful drink with an umbrella). This time of year the main topic on every woman's mind is how to get that perfect summer body and to look hot in a bikini, well not me. On these days on rare sunshine and Lolly's lounging I have started to notice a pudding belly appearing on my beloved pooch, so my summer weight loss project is to streamline my baby dog. Mission: Lolly's Bikini Body is now in action.
Now as the weather is beginning to pick up I will be walking away the doggie gut and will let you know if there are any exciting products (yes I know not many of you will be excited in dog products but this is my blog so... there) I've found to aid her loss and hopefully we'll have a supermodel dog in no time.
I'm so sorry I haven't been making videos on youtube or posting very much at the moment, I have a number of personal reason's for this which I'm sure I'll go into at a later date. I will be trying very hard to get back into the swing of things, I have lots of things I want to write about and film (Chris and I are going to be doing a few vlogs on my channel which is exciting). 

lots of love
Frank x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Famous Dave's

Hello there,

I'm sorry it's been so long since a blog post, it's even longer that I've made a youtube video. I've unfortunately had lots of bad things happen at once which have occupied my time, and I've had to leave my new job. (boo! :'( ) So, because of this I now have much more time on my hands and so will be posting a lot more. I received a comment on one of my previous blog posts asking me about a fake tan I had referenced previously, and once I'd got passed the excitement that someone actually commented I thought I best complete the request.
Right I love fake tan, you all know this by now, but I am extremely picky when it comes one that I use regularly and repurchase. I'm going to admit something to you all now, don't judge me, I buy about 2 or 3 different fake tans a month (I think I need a tan intervention) so I know my stuff when it comes to tanning. My skin is naturally insanely pale, I mean almost blue and translucent, because of this I am always looking for a dark tan. Through many months of orange tan, tan that promises to be dark and then makes you look like a shade of gone off white (like white knickers that have been through the wash too many times) and streaky legs I have finally found my fake tan soul mate.
Famous Dave's tanners are only just beginning to get a lot of hype around them although die hard tan fans (like myself) have been aware of them for some time. They have a huge range of products from lotions and gradual tanners, to mousse and spray tans, along with everything you need to prep your skin with and application mits. One of the excellent things about this brand is that their tanners have a reddish undertone, now that might sound as if it's going to leave you orange and unnatural. In fact it's quite the opposite it makes the tan so natural and the hint of red makes you seem as if you have a slight sun burn. My favourite of their products is the Famous Dave's Tanning mousse (the normal one not the gold edition). The reason I like this is because it's super easy to apply as it as a really dark guide colour (which washes off), unlike some other fake tans you can go over the same spot over and over again and it will not effect the end result so all you need to worry about it covering all the white bits. Mousse tans dry much quicker than lotions anyway so you don't have to wait an age to get dressed. I usually apply at night time as the guide colour is so dark and then shower off in the morning.
This tan will last you about 4 days without you doing a thing, but if you moisturise daily you can extend the life of your tan to about a week, I tend to top up with Xen Tan transform after about 2 or 3 days.

The price of these products ranges from about £20-£30 pounds, you can buy from the website (just search for Famous Dave in google and be sure not to click on the BBQ'ing website) or buy from Debenhams. I'm not sure if other department stores carry them I'm sure most of the high end ones will.
If you are a tanorexic like me, these products really will change your life.
Well that's all from me today I'm going to go and cover myself in gravy browning.
lots of love
Frank x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Quick tip

Goodness me! Two posts in the space of 5 minutes I'm spoiling you.

I have just remembered I started doing quick tips, well I have a cracker of one for you today. DIY all natural exfoliating facial!!
All you need is a lemon/ bottle of lemon juice, some sea salt, olive oil and cotton pads. First off take your lemon and juice it, you are now caught up to those who have bought lemon juice. Secondly take a bowl and mix together the juice, about a teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Right what you should have is quite a thick solution with the salt grains still intact. Wet your face with warm water to open your pores and now you're ready to exfoliate. Take a cotton pad and spoon on a bit of your mixture next rub this over your entire face, be careful around eye area. Obviously don't scrub too hard as salt is a lot more abrasive than other facial exfoliates.
Once you've scrubbed away all of your mixture rinse off your face with lukewarm water and pat dry.
This scrub should leave your face feeling soft and smooth as well as radiant. The lemon almost acts as a peel and along with the salt helps to reveal the new, brighter layers of skin. This might sound harsh, but the olive oil helps to moisturise and replenish your skin.

Lots of love
Frank x

Nailed it!

Hello there,

As some of you may know I love all things animal print so imagine my excitement when I learned how easy it was to do this to my nails!
It really is easy... honestly. All you need is three paint colours and a liquid eyeliner (top coat if wanted). So choose your base colour and apply a couple of coats to your nail, wait for that to dry and now you're on to the fun stuff. You don't need any nail art tools, all you really need are two hands (apologies to my readers with hooves). So next you take one of your remaining two colours and apply a few dots randomly over your nails, repeat with your last colour. Once all of this is dry take your liquid liner and draw a few lines around the dots to mimic a leopard print pattern and then POW you're done. See really easy and really quick.

Ok so now I've finished with my beauty related item I thought I just put a quick note about general stuff. I think I should probably start by saying we unfortunately no longer have Gloria the goldfish, she tragically died early last week :( I think the fame of being a blog super star was just too much for her. Don't panic Esteban is still going strong and is loving having a bit of extra space in his bachelor tank. 
Right now onto human news, I recently started a new job which is super exciting and so far I love it, however I have been (and still am really) extremely ill over the past few days so I've had to take time off... I know rubbish first impression. Anyway I hope it will continue to be great and obviously any big new I will let you know. 

lots of love

Frank x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

April Favourites

Hello there,

It's about this time of the month that the beauty guru's of youtube all post videos of their favourite products from that month, as a beauty guru in the making I thought I too would make such a video so here it is. I will list the products I mention at the end and in the near future there will be a full post giving an update of whats been going on and a full review of the Sanctuary skin care range.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden: - Deep Cleanse Facial Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash
                                                        -  Pore Refining Toner
                                                        -  Exfoliating Pore Refiner
                                                        - 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask
                                                        - Matter Perfecting Hydra Lotion
Joico K-Pak Deep Reconstructor Treatment
Urban Decay - Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara
GetLashed London eyelashes
Sleek Cosmetics - True colour lipstick "Peaches and cream"
Barry M - Bright Pink Lip paint.

Peace, love and lipgloss
Frank x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Summer, summer, summer time! (wish list)

Hello there,

I've been a bit nerdy recently and have spent days trawling through youtube looking at OOTD (out fit of the day) videos and lots of shopping hauls and they have really inspired me to create a summer wishlist of clothes and a few makeup products that I really want to purchase by summer time (cue Will Smith music).

Buttermilk Cut Out Back shirt - Topshop

Pima Knot Stripe Crop Top - Topshop

Grey Aztec Beaded Print Crop Fringe - Topshop

MOTO Patched Flag Print High Waisted Hotpants - Topshop

Donald Duck Crop Stripe Short PJs - Topshop

Cream print strappy cape fill playsuit - Riverisland

Beige print fill playsuit - Riverisland

Blue print joggers - Riverisland

Unfortunately for my purse this isn't all of the clothes that I want :( but they are the only ones that are on the internet. I am also on the hunt for some wedges and some cool black shoes for work. 

Now onto makeup (I promise this will be smaller)

True Colour "peaches and cream" - Sleek Makeup

Lip Tars - Obessive Complusive Cometics

A few other makeup type products that I really want to get are the Z- Palettes especially as they come in animal print!! I am really looking to expand my kit throughout this year so will update you with any new purchases. I may also start doing OOTD if I think I look particularly nice (so not that often as I tend to live in tracksuit bottoms)

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the things that I'm yearning for, and if it inspired you for any outfits of clothes purchases I'd love to know. Please comment if you find anything that you think I might like.

Peace, love and lip gloss
Frank x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Base Face Routine

Hello there,

I recently posted a video to youtube about what I do everyday for my "base" routine. I was just going to call it my foundation routine but I got carried away and continued to go onto blush, eyebrows etc. 

List of products used:
Stila - Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser in shade 01
Olay - Touch of foundation SPF 15 - shade fair
Benefit - High beam
Bare Minerals - Mineral foundation - medium beige 
Benefit - Hello Flawless - Shade Champagne
Benefit - Boi-ing  Shades 01 & 02.
Benefit - Erase Paste - Shade medium
Coastal Scents 88 Palette - dark brown
Coastal Scents 88 Palette - pale ash brown
Elf Blusher - Peachy keen

Hope this was helpful
Peace, love and lip gloss
Frank x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Quick Tip!

Hello there,

I thought I'd start something new with this blog and once a fortnight I'll post one of my personal beauty/hair tips. Today's is hair tip! Around this time of year we are bombarded with images of girls with perfect beachy waves, that just look effortless. Well, I have a cheats way to do this if you have straight to wavy hair and it requires no heat.. just sleep. I have been doing this a lot lately and I think it really looks good, all you need is two hair bands, clean hair (wet hair is better) and you need to know how to french braid. The term french braid used to fill me with dread as I had no idea how to do it and it looked really difficult. If you can plait your hair you can french braid. Step 1: take a small section of hair close to your parting in the middle of your head. Step 2: separate this section into three and begin to plait as normal. Step 3: with the left strand take a small section from your remaining hair and incorporate into the plait. Step 4: repeat with the remaining three strands of the original plait until all your hair is incorporated.
Ok, so that description probably is the most confusing and worst written ever but hopefully you'll get the idea. To get beachy hair, just split you hair into two big sections down the back (like you would if you were doing pigtails). French braid both sides of your hair and secure with hair bands, leave your fringe/bangs free. Now all you have to do is go to sleep, I probably should have mentioned before that you do this at night time... 
When you wake up, take out the bands and unravel the plaits and you will have beautifully beached up hair. Spraying the final product with a salt spray gives good definition and hold and authentic beachy texture. There's also a way to accomplish this with straighteners but that's for another quick tip.
For those of you with curly hair, you don't really have to do anything to achieve this look, reading this.. I hate you! Only joking.. sort of...

Peace, love and lip gloss
Frank x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Plus White 5 Minute Teeth Whitening One step tooth gel

Hello there,

I, like most people, strive to have white teeth! Teeth have always been a talking point (get it.. talking point) with my family as well we have a lot of rather big teeth. In fact you could call it our most prominent family trait, horse teeth, so seeing as they're big they might as well be white. I am really quite self-conscious when it comes to my teeth, I had a brace for about 2 years when I was in year 8/9 (so aged 13/14, I also had a huge nose and horrible hair at that time... good look) and I still don't smile with my teeth in photos. There are the odd one of two photos where I've been caught laughing and it looks as if my teeth are trying to accomplish world domination, or at least eat the camera/photographer. It's particularly frightening when laughing in pictures where I'm holding babies as it looks like I'm about to swallow their head... whole! Because of my teeth situation I've always been on the look out for a easy home whitening treatment. I'll be honest I'd tried hundreds, whitening toothpastes, whitening pens, UV lights that you put in your mouth.. basically everything you could try. Each different treatment has been very time consuming and really yields little results, also they taste VILE. 
I was watching a video on youtube be Kandee J and she was talking about how she gets her teeth so white (and they are really white). She used something called Plus White 5 Minute teeth Whitening Gel, I searched for it in google and annoyingly it only came up with American sites where I could buy it. So, I trundled over to Amazon.co.uk and typed it in there and it was being sold for about £5! I bought it straight away and also bought so really cheap mouth guards (for about £1.99).
When the big package finally arrived I was beyond excited. It comes in a small blue box with all the instructions you need on the side, but to be honest the name itself is pretty self explanatory. Now, as I mentioned before I bought mouth trays to use mine, but you can also just brush your teeth with the gel like you would with a normal toothpaste.
The product is called "5 minute" but you can leave the gel on for up to 20 minutes without running the risk of have luminous teeth. I could really tell the difference after just a couple of applications and it doesn't feel like it's damaging my teeth at all. It doesn't taste that bad either, I mean it's not so yummy that I'd want to put it in my sandwiches but it's not as offensive as other whitening products.
It does however have one downside, this downside might just be because of the way I apply the gel, it make me dribble... Now I'm not talking about just a tiny bit of spit, I mean full on drooling. The last time I used this gel I had to plug up any gaps in my mouth that weren't filled with the mouth trays with toilet paper to try and stem the flow. That's really disgusting isn't it.
Really what I've been trying to say is this is a wonder product, and I will definitely be buying it again and possibly a bib.

lots of love
Frank x