Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Famous Dave's

Hello there,

I'm sorry it's been so long since a blog post, it's even longer that I've made a youtube video. I've unfortunately had lots of bad things happen at once which have occupied my time, and I've had to leave my new job. (boo! :'( ) So, because of this I now have much more time on my hands and so will be posting a lot more. I received a comment on one of my previous blog posts asking me about a fake tan I had referenced previously, and once I'd got passed the excitement that someone actually commented I thought I best complete the request.
Right I love fake tan, you all know this by now, but I am extremely picky when it comes one that I use regularly and repurchase. I'm going to admit something to you all now, don't judge me, I buy about 2 or 3 different fake tans a month (I think I need a tan intervention) so I know my stuff when it comes to tanning. My skin is naturally insanely pale, I mean almost blue and translucent, because of this I am always looking for a dark tan. Through many months of orange tan, tan that promises to be dark and then makes you look like a shade of gone off white (like white knickers that have been through the wash too many times) and streaky legs I have finally found my fake tan soul mate.
Famous Dave's tanners are only just beginning to get a lot of hype around them although die hard tan fans (like myself) have been aware of them for some time. They have a huge range of products from lotions and gradual tanners, to mousse and spray tans, along with everything you need to prep your skin with and application mits. One of the excellent things about this brand is that their tanners have a reddish undertone, now that might sound as if it's going to leave you orange and unnatural. In fact it's quite the opposite it makes the tan so natural and the hint of red makes you seem as if you have a slight sun burn. My favourite of their products is the Famous Dave's Tanning mousse (the normal one not the gold edition). The reason I like this is because it's super easy to apply as it as a really dark guide colour (which washes off), unlike some other fake tans you can go over the same spot over and over again and it will not effect the end result so all you need to worry about it covering all the white bits. Mousse tans dry much quicker than lotions anyway so you don't have to wait an age to get dressed. I usually apply at night time as the guide colour is so dark and then shower off in the morning.
This tan will last you about 4 days without you doing a thing, but if you moisturise daily you can extend the life of your tan to about a week, I tend to top up with Xen Tan transform after about 2 or 3 days.

The price of these products ranges from about £20-£30 pounds, you can buy from the website (just search for Famous Dave in google and be sure not to click on the BBQ'ing website) or buy from Debenhams. I'm not sure if other department stores carry them I'm sure most of the high end ones will.
If you are a tanorexic like me, these products really will change your life.
Well that's all from me today I'm going to go and cover myself in gravy browning.
lots of love
Frank x

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