Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Barry M Nail Effects and Max Factor Lip Tint

Hello there,
Yesterday I popped into Boots and picked up some products that have been getting a lot of reviews and thought I would try them out for myself. I got the Barry M instant Nail Effects and a Max Factor Lip Tint. I wish I knew what the name of the colour for the lip tint is but all it says is number 4, it's a berryish deep pink. I'll start off by talking about the lip tint; I'm going to be honest I didn't have high hopes for it when I bought it, even though it had been getting some good press. I've used lip tints before, being a Benefit Cosmetics freak I have "Benetint" which, sad for me to say, I don't find that good as a lip tint but excellent as a cheek stain. Max Factor, however, surpassed my expectations massively! It's so brilliant. The colour is incredibly intense and almost resembles a full finish lip stick, but much matter and you can still see the texture of your lip. It's fab when you want a splash of colour but not the heaviness of a lip stick. It has staying power like you wouldn't believe! Totally kiss proof, drink proof, food proof, nuclear war proof... (ok, maybe not nuclear war proof, but you get the idea!). The felt tip pen shape makes it almost impossible to mess up application as the tip is brilliant for the corners of your mouth and the cupids bow. If you're not into such rich, bright colour, a nice alternative is to pat a small amount in the centre of your lips for a dash of colour and a bee stung, fresh effect. I would suggest that you would need to prime your lips or atleast put a layer of foundation on your lips before you use it to gets its true colour as it absorbs into your skin and so can appear much darker. I think that would be the only downside, because of this when you test swatches of it on your hand, you end up with a much lighted colour than that which appears on your lips. All in all though I would give this a very high score of 8/10 and I will be purchasing many more. A small warning though, my Mum used this product and had an AWFUL allergic reaction her top lip swelled up so large it was barely recognisable as a lip! So keep that in mind if you are extremely sensitive. Unfortunately as I am writing this at night time I don't have a photo of me wearing the product, I will take one and upload it tomorrow.
Now onto Barry M. I have heard so much about this nail polish and its OPI alternative, and as a closet nail art fan could not wait to try it. It seems like such a cool idea, that you can watch the black colour crack to expose part of the nail below. I choice to be faithful to Barry M and use a turquoise blue colour on theirs underneath, you paint your nail as normal and wait for it to try. Once dry, paint over the black nail effects polish, I'll be honest I was quite nervous as on the instructions it says not to overlap the black colour, it was hard not to as the brush was so thin. It was so cool to watch, the polish dries matt and seconds later begins to crack and create a really unique nail effect. I would say that although this is really fun for a while it could become quite limited, however Barry M and Nails Inc (I'm not sure if OPI have done this yet) have brought out these nails effect polishes in different colours such as white and pink. As I only painted them yesterday I am still completely taken with the effect, I will report back in a few days and let you know how I feel then.

This look is definitely one for a night out or an event, I can see how it could be perceived as messy or untidy for office or work wear as it's quite a hard look.
I will be saving up and investing in a Nails Inc alternative as I love, love, love that brand and have a borderline obsession with their polishes, but for the Barry M polish I'd give 6/10.

I hope this answered any questions you had about these products feel free to email me on with your thoughts or suggestions for future product reviews!

Peace, love and lip gloss
Frank x


  1. love this, write more

  2. That nail polish is brilliant! Will definitely be buying some - thanks for the heads up! Please keep writing xx