Monday, 16 May 2011

Nailed it!

Hello there,

As some of you may know I love all things animal print so imagine my excitement when I learned how easy it was to do this to my nails!
It really is easy... honestly. All you need is three paint colours and a liquid eyeliner (top coat if wanted). So choose your base colour and apply a couple of coats to your nail, wait for that to dry and now you're on to the fun stuff. You don't need any nail art tools, all you really need are two hands (apologies to my readers with hooves). So next you take one of your remaining two colours and apply a few dots randomly over your nails, repeat with your last colour. Once all of this is dry take your liquid liner and draw a few lines around the dots to mimic a leopard print pattern and then POW you're done. See really easy and really quick.

Ok so now I've finished with my beauty related item I thought I just put a quick note about general stuff. I think I should probably start by saying we unfortunately no longer have Gloria the goldfish, she tragically died early last week :( I think the fame of being a blog super star was just too much for her. Don't panic Esteban is still going strong and is loving having a bit of extra space in his bachelor tank. 
Right now onto human news, I recently started a new job which is super exciting and so far I love it, however I have been (and still am really) extremely ill over the past few days so I've had to take time off... I know rubbish first impression. Anyway I hope it will continue to be great and obviously any big new I will let you know. 

lots of love

Frank x

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  1. Oooooh, pretty! I love these! More videos soon please xx