Thursday, 7 July 2011

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

Hello there,

This post isn't really a proper blog post it's sort of a pre blog post... sort of. It will eventually be a proper blog post with pictures and possibly a video but as of this moment I am sat in my pj's with my hair greasy and up in a bun so can't do these beautiful hair extensions justice by attaching them to my awful hair. As you may know I spend most of my time in the dark, trawling through youtube videos and pretending I have friends, well I stumbled across the "foxylocks" channel and was amazed! Imogen of "Foxy Locks Hair Extensions" has made a beautiful channel dedicated to her gorgeous clip in hair extensions that are 100% remy grade human hair (for those who don't know, what remy means is that the root and the end of the hair are all in the same direction so it should prevent snagging and tangles). I have been willing my hair to grown for about 4 years now and so far it's just past my shoulders (stupid hair!), so hair extensions are a must for me. I considered for some time getting the bonded hair extensions, but they are crazy expensive and I've had a pretty bad experience with them before so these clip ins are clearly they only logical choice (I mean I could just wait for my hair to grow, but that's just boring).
SO I hopped on the internet and bought 160g of beautiful "caramel blonde", they arrived so quickly and are just gorgeous!!
The clips are such good quality and just don't budge when in your hair, they have a silicon strip so they don't hurt your natural hair. The hair itself is thicker than my natural hair and is so soft, that I really want to wear it at all times.
I would say it's worth getting the 160g even if you have fine hair because it really isn't that much more money and you get so much hair.
Anyway there will be some pictures and possibly a video to follow.
All in all I am over the moon about these extensions and I think every one should by them.

lots of love
Frank x
P.s Imogen (the foxy locks lady) is gorgeous (small girly scream followed by blushing).

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  1. I've recently purchased a foxy blonde hair extensions and I so loved my new locks :)