Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Sanctuary Spa Skin Care

Hello there,

I have suffered with bad skin for years now, it's never been full blown acne everywhere, but I had a lot of spots and black heads and just yucky skin. For quite some time it's been something I've been incredibly self conscious about and as a result have covered myself in thick makeup to try and cover my imperfections, which in turn just made it worse. Along with having quite bad skin, I'm also pretty lazy when it comes to skin care and carrying out about a thousand different steps every day to combat my skin was just out of the question. Saying that though I have tried and spent lots of money on hundreds of products to try and help my skin, but really I've never stuck them out long enough to see any real benefits.
Well a couple of months ago now I decided to visit one of The Sanctuary Spa counters in Debenhams and asked for help. I was fortunate enough that they gave me a  mini facial so they could have a look at my skin more closely and decide what products would be best, after a gorgeous facial where they demonstrated some of their products I bought a range from them. (For those of you who watched my 'April Favourites' youtube video you can see the range there).
I got these products:

Now I realise this seems like a lot of things for someone who can't really be bothered to wash her face, well I kind of got carried away, but I'm so glad I did. One thing I really find annoying is the whole motion of washing my face, mainly because I end up soaking myself and the floor and then my bathroom because a slidey death trap for the rest of the day, but that purifying wash (which I'm proud to say I have used twice a day every day since I bought it) basically doesn't require that much water. You squeeze a little out onto your hands then splash some warm water onto the gel, and then obviously rub it all over your face (it even takes off your mascara without hurting your precious peepers). I use the gel wash, the toner (which I just spray onto my face) and the lotion daily, the exfoliator twice or three times a week and the mask once a week (usually in the bath, I promise I do bathe slightly more regularly than once a week).
One thing I really liked is how quickly it began to make a difference to my skin, in just over a week my skin was noticeably better!
I would highly recommend this range, especially the lotion as it also works as a perfect base for makeup.
Hope you found this helpful and to any of you with bad skin out there, just keep trying new things and don't always get stuck using products "designed for acne prone skin" you can use other types too.

lots of love
Frank x

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