Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hello Love!

Hello there,

As you can see there has been a distinct lack of pictures added for my foxy locks hair extensions and the reason for this is really that I'm lazy! I have nothing of interest to report and sadly for me no new beauty discoveries to write about. The month of July has been thoroughly dull and full of Dr's appointments and horrible things. I have spent the majority of this month watching Disney films and cuddling my beloved Lolly (who is beginning to look slightly more streamlined) and wishing I was feeling better. Morbid! Speaking of Disney films I love them all and could sit here and write about Disney until the end of time but I fear that only I would read it.
Any way the hope for this week is that the weather will pick up and I will be able to do fun things like see friends and walk Lolly and wear summer clothes, if any pictures are taken I shall upload them.
The purpose of this post is non existent I just wanted to prove I hadn't forgotten you and that as soon as I have something even slightly interesting to post about I will.
Same goes for the youtube videos, there is no point posting endless vids of me in my pj's with unbrushed hair and spotty skin. YUCK!
I'm hoping things will begin to improve soon and I can get going with life again.
For all of you that have been lucky enough to have summer holidays this year, I hate you!

Grumpy Frank out

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