Friday, 15 April 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics

Hello there,

Over the past few months there has been a lot of buzz about a new cosmetics brand "E.L.F" or "eyes, lips, face", now as a bit of sheep I thought I best check this out. If you search for E.L.F on youtube you get hundreds of results for "hauls" and "reviews" (one excellent one in particular.. mine), now there are people on youtube that seem to have a surplus amount of money and have huge MAC hauls, so when I saw the amount people were getting from E.L.F my first reaction was to think that it was yet another expensive brand that the youtube community had some how managed to fiance. I am please to say that it is the complete opposite! Most products retail at about £1.50 with the studio range being something more like £3. When I first saw the prices I've got to admit I was pretty dubious as to the quality of the items and no they aren't the same sort of quality as MAC or Makeup Forever but for the price they are pretty amazing.
The blushes are incredibly pigmented and the brushes good quality. One criticism would be the lipsticks are a bit pathetic, you have to layer it up hugely to get any sort of good colour, however they feel lovely and aren't at all greasy or sticky. 
The range of products is quite large, there is something for everyone including a mineral range. If you was to request one product for them to create it would be a version of "Sleek Makeup" contour kit, I think that is the only thing that is missing. 
Overall I think it's excellent value for money and the "luscious liquid lipstick" in "cherry tart" is a personal favourite along with the studio range blush in "peachy keen".

It is available in the UK and USA, not sure what the shipping is like to other countries.

Peace, love and lipgloss
Frank x

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