Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Plus White 5 Minute Teeth Whitening One step tooth gel

Hello there,

I, like most people, strive to have white teeth! Teeth have always been a talking point (get it.. talking point) with my family as well we have a lot of rather big teeth. In fact you could call it our most prominent family trait, horse teeth, so seeing as they're big they might as well be white. I am really quite self-conscious when it comes to my teeth, I had a brace for about 2 years when I was in year 8/9 (so aged 13/14, I also had a huge nose and horrible hair at that time... good look) and I still don't smile with my teeth in photos. There are the odd one of two photos where I've been caught laughing and it looks as if my teeth are trying to accomplish world domination, or at least eat the camera/photographer. It's particularly frightening when laughing in pictures where I'm holding babies as it looks like I'm about to swallow their head... whole! Because of my teeth situation I've always been on the look out for a easy home whitening treatment. I'll be honest I'd tried hundreds, whitening toothpastes, whitening pens, UV lights that you put in your mouth.. basically everything you could try. Each different treatment has been very time consuming and really yields little results, also they taste VILE. 
I was watching a video on youtube be Kandee J and she was talking about how she gets her teeth so white (and they are really white). She used something called Plus White 5 Minute teeth Whitening Gel, I searched for it in google and annoyingly it only came up with American sites where I could buy it. So, I trundled over to Amazon.co.uk and typed it in there and it was being sold for about £5! I bought it straight away and also bought so really cheap mouth guards (for about £1.99).
When the big package finally arrived I was beyond excited. It comes in a small blue box with all the instructions you need on the side, but to be honest the name itself is pretty self explanatory. Now, as I mentioned before I bought mouth trays to use mine, but you can also just brush your teeth with the gel like you would with a normal toothpaste.
The product is called "5 minute" but you can leave the gel on for up to 20 minutes without running the risk of have luminous teeth. I could really tell the difference after just a couple of applications and it doesn't feel like it's damaging my teeth at all. It doesn't taste that bad either, I mean it's not so yummy that I'd want to put it in my sandwiches but it's not as offensive as other whitening products.
It does however have one downside, this downside might just be because of the way I apply the gel, it make me dribble... Now I'm not talking about just a tiny bit of spit, I mean full on drooling. The last time I used this gel I had to plug up any gaps in my mouth that weren't filled with the mouth trays with toilet paper to try and stem the flow. That's really disgusting isn't it.
Really what I've been trying to say is this is a wonder product, and I will definitely be buying it again and possibly a bib.

lots of love
Frank x

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