Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Time to welcome a new member to the family

Hello there,

So this post is a bit different from my others admittedly but I hope you will find it equally as entertaining. We have a brand new baby in the family, now before you get over excited or my parents read this and have a heart attack, I should probably say the new baby is a... fish. 
Yes we now have a little boy fish to add to our brood. I would like to introduce you all to Esteban! Esteban is now living in perfect harmony with his sister Gloria, yes that's right Gloria and Esteban. I wasn't allowed to call him Estefan :( We acquired Gloria a few months ago, we won her by throwing a dart at a card! I say we, my dad won her for me, and I have to admit we have had some what of a turbulent relationship. Now I know you might be thinking Frank you've gone insane its a goldfish and granted this is slightly on the odd side but I've always hated Gloria for no apparent reason. She's smells bad, she doesn't move, she looks at me with such a blank expression... ok there are some reason and yes I have remembered that she is fish. However, with the arrival of Esteban my hatred is appeasing slightly and I'm beginning to love the tiny orange thing. One point that I think is pretty cool is that Esteban is red and white and not your average gold fish, firstly he's diddy (seriously tiny for those who don't know what diddy means) and secondly he moves like no fish I've ever seen. Lolly (our puppy dog) seems completely oblivious to the arrival of her new brother and continues to be the most adorable thing since sliced bread.. so just bread. Along with my admission of hatred for Gloria I have another awful thing to admit, I didn't think she would live that long (horrendous parenting I know, I feel sorry for any children I might have) and because of this I bought the worst items for her tank. Her tank looks like the inside of a unicorns brain.. there is a ceramic rainbow, complete with fluffy pale blue clouds, kitsch white stones, a smiling orange clam, a terracotta pot and a fake plant.
I fear this may be turning into an incredibly middle aged post, first talking about the arrival of babies, then references to early 90's Latino singers and I am now about to talk about garden centres (to any regular readers I promise the next post will be more beauty and less mundane life). Along with getting Esteban today was another turning point in my adult life, I went to a garden centre and bought plants! I spent far too much money on the sodding things and decided I was green fingered enough to grow vegetables! (anyone who knows me well will understand this is utterly ridiculous) I have now spent the entire evening planting and replanting flowers and sowing seeds, I must say my little garden is looking beautiful but my nails are ruined.
(Speaking of nails my next post is going to be about Nails Inc. who I'm pretty much obsessed with)
Anyway I will now leave you with a picture from today and a little song to remember my beautiful fish babies by.
lots of love
Frank x

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  1. Frankie, I love this! We turned all green fingered this weekend too, and spent silly money on a garden that we rent not own, but I love it!x