Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Quick Tip!

Hello there,

I thought I'd start something new with this blog and once a fortnight I'll post one of my personal beauty/hair tips. Today's is hair tip! Around this time of year we are bombarded with images of girls with perfect beachy waves, that just look effortless. Well, I have a cheats way to do this if you have straight to wavy hair and it requires no heat.. just sleep. I have been doing this a lot lately and I think it really looks good, all you need is two hair bands, clean hair (wet hair is better) and you need to know how to french braid. The term french braid used to fill me with dread as I had no idea how to do it and it looked really difficult. If you can plait your hair you can french braid. Step 1: take a small section of hair close to your parting in the middle of your head. Step 2: separate this section into three and begin to plait as normal. Step 3: with the left strand take a small section from your remaining hair and incorporate into the plait. Step 4: repeat with the remaining three strands of the original plait until all your hair is incorporated.
Ok, so that description probably is the most confusing and worst written ever but hopefully you'll get the idea. To get beachy hair, just split you hair into two big sections down the back (like you would if you were doing pigtails). French braid both sides of your hair and secure with hair bands, leave your fringe/bangs free. Now all you have to do is go to sleep, I probably should have mentioned before that you do this at night time... 
When you wake up, take out the bands and unravel the plaits and you will have beautifully beached up hair. Spraying the final product with a salt spray gives good definition and hold and authentic beachy texture. There's also a way to accomplish this with straighteners but that's for another quick tip.
For those of you with curly hair, you don't really have to do anything to achieve this look, reading this.. I hate you! Only joking.. sort of...

Peace, love and lip gloss
Frank x

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