Sunday, 24 April 2011

Here comes the sun..

Hello there,

If you've been in England this week then I'm sure you can appreciate this post. The weather over the last few days has been glorious, I spent yesterday have a BBQ in the park with a group of friends which was gert lush! I didn't burn which was an added bonus and I got to spend the day with one of the most beautiful babies in the world. But unfortunately I do have one small niggle, the BBQ itself, now this was nothing to do with the people cooking it or the food its just whole concept of a British BBQ. For those of you who don't know a British BBQ involves a disposable BBQ which leave the grass on which it's sat on permanently burnt leaving the park a dot to dot of the summer. Next it's the food, the stereotypical meal will consist of burnt sausages that are raw in the middle and probably have about 2% pork, a mystery meat burger, raw chicken legs in some form of sauce and if the chef is particularly radical a small side salad.
Rant over! In this lovely weather I'm really enjoying experimenting with different make up looks, one of my favourites is the nude eye bright lip trend. Another is just a golden/brown eye with shimmery cheeks and a nudeish lip. 
This month I am really loving peachy colours and luckily for me every cosmetics company seems to have the same idea. Sleek cosmetics have in fact brought a new range where near enough all of the products are a peach colour! Unfortunately I haven't been able to try any products from Sleek cosmetics but I have only heard good things. I have had a quick look around their website and from what I can see the cater for almost everyone with products that are really inexpensive. When I get the chance I will be buying the "Pout Polish" in either "sugar may" or "electro peach", one item I am really excited about is their "True Colour" lipstick in "Peaches and Cream" (yes I know peach again). I stumbled across this lipstick through a day trawling youtube, "BlushBlendBeauty" did a haul video in which she bought a selection of the new lipsticks from Sleek and she was wearing "Peaches and Cream" and it really is a gorgeous colour.
In terms of blush, I have found one that I love from E.L.F (who I've mentioned in a previous post). It's in E.L.F's studio collection and the colour is "peachy keen" but "candid coral" is also gorgeous. At £3.50 each you can't really go wrong, however I would say that they probably wouldn't suit darker skin tones as they are quite light.
I'm really excited about trying some things from Sleek as I have only heard good things and the eye shadow palettes are really good value and I'm always looking to expand my kit.
Spending a little extra on a palette is, I feel, always worth it as with most companies they have put together a selection of colours that they feel go well together so it almost takes out any guess work needed in creating a beautiful eye.

lots of love
Frank x

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